This exhibition was truly collaborative endeavor and could not have been accomplished without the enthusiasm and teamwork of the students of the Fall 2019 “Crossing Borders” Writing Seminar: Natasha Bansal, Aidan Chapin, Ashley Chun, Celine Demir, William Moore, Kayla Robinson, Ashley Schefler, Rachel Schiffer, Dylan Soemitro, Grayson Toole, Jiawen Wang, and Jack Weinstein. First and foremost, we would like to thank Sarah Horowitz, Head of Quaker & Special Collections at Haverford, for providing invaluable support, resources, and guidance throughout the exhibition process. We would also like to thank Terry Snyder, Librarian of the College, Semyon Khokhlov, Research & Instruction Librarian, and Bruce Bumbarger, Library Conservator for supporting the project.