Recall to Religion - Peace and righteousness are inseparable.

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Recall to Religion - Peace and righteousness are inseparable.


By proclaiming that “peace and righteousness are inseparable,” and that if a “conflict should arise between the claims of Christ’s service and that of the State, it is to Him that our supreme loyalty should be given whatever the consequence,” the authors of this poster challenge the viewer’s understanding of morality by insinuating that to support the state’s war efforts is to turn one’s back on Christ. The poster’s last words, “whatever the consequence,” reinforce the Quaker conviction that pacifist thought and loyalty to God must never be sacrificed in the name of conflict and material goals. This poster forces these concepts into a complete dichotomy: one must choose between faith and support of the war, and to remain neutral or undecided is to betray God. The formal, intimidating appearance of the poster (no images; capital letters; bold-faced, red and black text) frames the message as a command, an imperative. Friends believe that the power of God to overcome evil can be accessed through a true desire for good; this poster aims to confirm that those wishing to conquer the evil of war must seek the guidance of Christ rather than that of the state.




Northern Friends Peace Board and the Friends Peace Committee


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