The students of Haverford College’s freshman Writing Seminar “Peace Testimonies in Literature & Art” have created the digital humanities projects featured on this website to explore the pacifist, social justice, and human rights messages embedded in poetry, prose, and painting. We have examined the way in which pacifist activists responded to, and grappled with, the ethical issues introduced by the development of total war, where civilians become military targets, during the Spanish Civil War. Through studying the works of Langston Hughes, Pablo Picasso, Muriel Rukeyser, and Virginia Woolf, these student projects contemplate the way in which literature and art can spread messages of peace and start the work of redefining how we, as a society, currently think about intervention.


Section 1
Madison Arnold-Scerbo
Alexandra Belfi
Miranda Bucky
Rosie Cohen
William Edwards
Adetomiwa Famodu
Joshua Hilscher
Emily Kingsley
Molly Lausten
Sophie McGlynn
Jiaming (Rosalind) Xu
Benjamin Yellin

Section 2
Christina Bowen
Charlotte Colantti
Mairéad Ferry
Ann-Victoria Isaac
Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe
Callie Kennedy
Devin Louis
Richard Phillips
Praxedes Quintana
Chelsea Richardson
Caroline Steliotes
Ian Wheeler