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The digital humanities projects featured in this exhibition, created by students in the Spring and Fall 2015 Writing Seminars “Peace Testimonies in Literature & Art,” explore the ways in which writers and artists responded to the conflict in Spain, using their writing and art as a way of spreading peace.  The students have hyperlinked their annotations, creating an intricate web of conceptual and historical connections between the texts, demonstrating and inventing a method for reading intertextually in the digital age.  Students have also chosen items concerning the Quaker relief work in Spain and archival materials from Haverford College’s Quaker & Special Collections and written labels, explaining the significance of the item.  Through the intertextual analysis of Muriel Rukeyser’s poetics, Virginia Woolf’s writings, Pablo Picasso’s paintings, Langston Hughes’s Spanish Civil War dispatches and poetry, and the Quaker relief effort in Spain, this exhibition uncovers lost histories of pacifist thought and examines how artists, writers, and activists worked together to imagine and create a world without war.