Curated by J. Ashley Foster and students from her “Peace Testimonies in Literature & Art” Writing Seminar


Spring 2015

Section 1

Madison Arnold-Scerbo

Alexandra Belfi

Miranda Bucky

Rosie Cohen

William Edwards

Adetomiwa Famodu

Joshua Hilscher

Emily Kingsley

Molly Lausten

Sophie McGlynn

Jiaming (Rosalind) Xu

Benjamin Yellin

Section 2

Christina Bowen

Charlotte Colantti

Mairéad Ferry

Ann-Victoria Isaac

Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe

Callie Kennedy

Devin Louis

Richard Phillips

Praxedes Quintana

Chelsea Richardson

Caroline Steliotes

Ian Wheeler 


Fall 2015

Section 1

Allie Corcoran

Syndey Dorman

Micaela Gold

Tommy Ie

Sharim Jones

Olivia Legaspi

Tomas Alejandro Manuel Ebro Matias

Kevin “The Rock” Mendansky

Georgia Meyer

Riddhi Panchal

Teruha Stergios

Hanae Togami

Section 2

Paul Brucia Breitenfeld

Emily Dombrovskaya

Kaitlyn Guild

Batia Katz

Hannah Krapes

Yutong Li

Ethan Lyne

Lynnet Odhiambo

Justin Otter

Katie Safter

Lena Yeakey


The curators would like to express gratitude to Haverford College Libraries, especially the contributions of Laurie Allen, Bruce Bumbarger, Dan Burger-Lenehan, Sarah Horowitz, Terry Snyder, and David Cook ‘64, as well as Madeleine Hodges ‘18, Nate Rehm-Daly ‘16, Shahzeen Nasim ‘16, from Digital Scholarship; Natalia Gutierrez-Jones ‘16, from Quaker & Special Collections; Caroline Fleet ‘16, Rebecca Hickey ‘19, Emma Bullock ‘19, and Sophie Frank ‘19 from Conservation.

We would like to offer our appreciation for the Ethical Inquiry Course Development Fund awarded by the Office of the Provost, which helped fund the development of our digital platform. We are also grateful to the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Distinguished Visitor’s Office, and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship for their sponsorship. Many thanks to the Writing Program, the Concentration in Peace, Justice & Human Rights, and the Quaker Affairs Office, and administration at Haverford College for their contributions and support. Our appreciation also to the Society of Authors in Great Britain and Southern Connecticut State University for providing access to the digital archives of the Three Guineas Reading Notebooks, to the Library of the Religious Society of Friends at Friends House in London, to the archives of the American Friends Service Committee at Cherry Street in Philadelphia, and to the Royal Albert Hall Archives in London for allowing us to reproduce their archival images in the collage and on the walls. And a big thank you to students Christina Bowen, Adetomiwa Famodu ‘18, Ann-Victoria Isaac ‘18, Sophie McGlynn ‘18, Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe ‘18, and Ian Wheeler ‘18 for dedicating their summer hours to help with this exhibition.