Extracts from Esther Farquhar’s letters


Extracts from Esther Farquhar’s letters


In this compilation of selections from letters, Esther Farquhar Kamp, a social worker and Quaker relief worker with the American Friends Service Committee, discusses the physical, mental, and emotional stresses on the Spanish children and the ways in which the AFSC attempted to combat such issues. Promoting the wellbeing of the young victims of the Spanish Civil War was a matter on which Quaker relief work placed strong emphasis, based on the recognition that children were victims of the combat who were highly susceptible to the violent ideals of war and would act as fodder for further conflict as they transitioned into adulthood. Close to 700,000 children took refuge in the children’s colonies or “colonias infantiles,” including the Bosque in the Woods, to which Esther Farquhar Kamp refers in this letter.




Bacon Family Papers, Esther Farquhar




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