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Motherhood and Ownership of the Female Body


The previous work, Insane Woman Under a Cherry Tree (2006) is a direct response and subversion of Shohaku Soga's Ogress Under a Weeping Willow (1759). As it has been previously evidenced, Matsui enjoys paying tribute to past works of art. Here Matsui has reversed the placement of her subject and the tree. In regards to the new themes present in her homage, Matsui states the following:

“When an organism senses an alien substance in its body, an autonomous function of expulsion goes to work, seeking somehow to expel it…When an impulse or image undesirable to her invades her, she tries to control or render harmless its discomfort or compulsive character. To that end, she endeavors to vomit out everything inside her. Controlled by unpleasant thoughts about irreverent words, violence, fouling, numbers, sex, or doubt, her body has initiated a rejection.”3

3. Matsui, Fuyuko. The Collected Works of Matsui Fuyuko, Part Two (Matsui Fuyuko Gashū ) 松井冬子画集. 2 2. Tokyo: Edition Toreviru, 2008.

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Motherhood and Ownership of the Female Body