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Bodily Horror & Animals

Eternal Almighty Medicine for Perfect Happiness

Matsui Fuyuko, Eternal Almighty Medicine for Perfect Happiness (2006).

Following the theme of anatomical dissection, we arrive at the next level of Matsui's work with the human body: how the body is ravaged and torn apart. Paintings in this series feature various different women in states of bodily disarray, many accompanied by animals. Animals often serve as spectators to acts of bodily horrors in Matsui's works. Similar to Matsui's earlier drawings of specific sections of muscles and skeleton that are surrounded by flesh, the women in these drawings are not entirely skeletal nor decomposed - rather, they have only certain parts of their bodies cut open and exposed, some implied to have cut open their bodies of their own volition.1

1. For more, see the section of this exhibit on the kusōzu.

Animals with a Conscious

Post-War Occupation Yōga and Matsui