Japanese Modernism Across Media

Trauma and Pain in the Art of Matsui Fuyuko

"Artworks have a way of awakening sensations impossible to describe and manifesting sensations almost like pain. Visible things can be communicated and shared, but pain is solitary. Can sight, with is capacity for object recognition, liberate us from the solitude of physical existence? This question became the start of my research into the capability of artworks to mediate between consciousness and consciousness, and between consciousness and the world. I felt a desire to explain my newly awakened interest in body language and evince a structure for communicating to sight through this language. I therefore resolved to investigate art's potential and the influence of visual perception on physical being." -- Matsui Fuyuko


This exhibit explores the themes of trauma, pain, and misogyny that Matsui addresses in her works. Through her dialogue and subversion of past works of Japanese art, Matsui uses the platform of the works she is criticizing to challenge their problematic messages while simultaneously addressing contemporary issues in Japanese society.