"There is no doubt either in my mind or my heart that Quakerism can speak to the condition of modern man. The witnesses of peace and tranquility are universal and unequivocal. They permit no compromise with evil or inequality or the power that destroys. They permit an outreach of the Society of Friends that is greater than any we have yet experienced. It is an outreach based on religion but which is in accord with the expansion of experience and knowledge." -Ira Reid

Welcome to the Ira de Augustine Reid digital exhibit! This site has items from Haverford College special collections as well as college archives. The exhibit is designed into three main sections: "Before Haverford" documents Reid's life from his birth to when he was hired at Haverford College. "At Haverford" has images pertaining to Reid's work as a professor at Haverford as well as documentation of Reid's accusation as a communist! "After Haverford" has documents and text from after Reid's retirement from Haverford.