Secret Correspondence of Saint-Domingue

Editor's Note

Correspondance Secrete des Députés de Saint-Domingue avec les Comités de Cette Isle           
(Secret Correspondence of the Deputies of Saint-Domingue with the Committees of that Island)



The book is a collection of 12 letters from different deputies and committees in the then French colony of Saint-Domingue (modern day Haiti). The editor chooses to be anonymous. This choice may be related to the abolitionist nature of the text. The stated purpose of the work is to expose similarities in how spheres of society interact in the colony and in France and foster the conclusion that slavery is not justifiable. The book is dated to the “first year of liberty,” a date related to the French revolution and indicating support for its ideals.

Title page

The editing of the book is kept minimal, consisting only of an introduction (Image 2) and   footnotes. This layout indicates that the editor believes the letters are enough of an argument in themselves. The collection is directed to French society as a whole, with emphasis on the politicians and the “friends of blacks.”

The book is a small notebook in print with an average paper quality. It seems to have been designed for extensive production. The margins are very worn, but the printing is intact. It shows no signs of annotations, but difference in the conditions for each page indicates the book has been wet.


João Pedro Carvalho, Class of 2022