A Miscellany of Articles on the Abolition of Slavery

Miscellany of Articles on Slavery spine

A Miscellany of Articles on the Abolition of Slavery 

Multiple Authors 


Miscellany of Articles on Slavery title page

This volume collects a variety of works ranging from 1773 to 1845 relating to the abolition of slavery. The volume is homemade, rebounded from closely related articles, speeches, essays, and testimonies. The title, “An Essay on Slavery by Sharp” is written on the spine of the volume, which has been repaired some time after the volume was put together (Image 1). This title corresponds to the first work of the collection, and it is very possible that the volume did not originally have a title. There is a handwritten table of contents organizing the works by the date they were written (Image 2). This suggests the owner was interested in the progression of arguments about the abolition of slavery. Although likely made for personal use, there are no annotations. There are notable differences in the appearance of each work, with the oldest ones being the most worn and fragile. Page sizes and fonts vary across the works and some pages were cut to fit inside the volume, perhaps suggesting the works had been collected over time and rebounded some time later in order to organize these related works together. 


Sidney Hwang, Class of 2022