Isaac Jackson Diary

Isaac Jackson cover

“A Short Account of a visit made by Isaac Jackson to Friends on the Western Shore of Maryland: 1776”

Isaac Jackson


Isaac Jackson account opening

Isaac Jackson’s Short Account records his 1776 meetings with different slave-owning families in Maryland.  Jackson, known as a traveling minister, visited different families and urged them to free their slaves. There was still a large number of white slave-owners during the rise of abolition. Jackson was one of the few white abolitionists of his time and tried to free slaves throughout Maryland.

The short account was written on quality paper and has a very delicate binding. Judging by how many homes he visited and how small the book was, he might have had multiple pocket-sized note pads. Isaac Jackson recorded the name of the family he visited and wrote down what occurred during each of those meetings. The notepad seems mainly for Isaac Jackson’s use to record his observations, but it may have also been intended for a larger audience of abolitionists to compare notes with one another. The book shows signs of wear and extensive use because of the number of families he visited. It was probably something shoved in his back pocket and taken out when there was something worth noting. The document is handwritten and hard to decipher.

Taiwo Fayemi, Class of 2022