William Dillwyn Diary

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William Dillwyn


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Between 1772 and 1773, William Dillwyn, a Quaker, chronicled his journey to Charleston, South Carolina in this compact diary. The diary is rather small and light, with a hard and very weathered cover, and a clasp to close it. The binding is somewhat flimsy and the pages are fragile. Dillwyn most likely carried the diary around with him to many places, explaining the weathered condition. The front pages include lists of things to pack, and information on the weather and the voyage. The main content of the diary are entries describing Dillwyn’s time in South Carolina. Some of the events that he chronicled were visits with friends, business, and Quaker meetings. The back pages have a variety of lists and reminders, such as how to judge bee’s wax, different prices for goods, and certain reminders of things to do in South Carolina. As there are many notes, reminders and lists, it is doubtful that Dillwyn was planning for anyone to read the diary besides himself.


Jake Gold, Class of 2022

William Dillwyn Diary