Letters on Slavery

Letters on Slavery, etc.

William Dickinson


This book was compiled by William Dickinson, a former secretary to Edward Hay, then governor of Barbados. It was printed and distributed by J. Phillips of London in the year 1789. Although the book is bound together into one codex, it contains four separate printed works, each with a different format and font size. The individual works concern themselves with the slave trade and its abolition.

The book is about 7” by 5” by 1.5” and weighs about four to five pounds. The interior pages are yellowed with age and slightly discolored by oil and dirt. It is rather austere and lacks ornamentation found in other printed works of the time. There are no engravings, pictures, or color present anywhere in the work. The cover is simple and unadorned with the exception of some beveling on the spine.

The simplicity of the individual works leads one to believe they were designed to be mass produced at low cost and distributed cheaply. These works were most likely compiled and bound together later after their original printing and were not originally intended to accompany each other in a single bound volume.


Edwin Crockett, Class of 2022